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Pregnancy Week 15

  1. Exercise will boost your energy and help you sleep better during pregnancy. Its a good idea to get up and start moving
  2. If your growing belly is getting in the way of a good night’s sleep try surround yourself with pillows to make for a comfortable nest effect. Sometimes even room temperature can affect sleep so make sure that your air conditioner is cranked up if you’re feeling too hot
  3. If you start to feel a little flutter in your belly this week it could be your little one banging around. You will feel later in the months to come
  4. Your baby now measures nearly 4 inches and weighs almost 2 ounces
  5. Baby’s head is now resting on his well-formed neck instead of directly on his shoulders
  6. As your baby practices sucking and swallowing actions the baby may hiccup. You’ll know he/she had drank too much of the amniotic fluids when you feel the steady thump-thump
  7. Be sure to get enough nutrition and fluids to help your growing baby because over the next month your baby will grow faster than ever

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