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Pregnancy Week 29

  1. Your baby’s brain can now control her breathing and body temperature. She can also cough and her sucking abilities have been perfected
  2. You might want to start keeping a kick chart to monitor your baby’s movements its a good thing to add to your baby book
  3. Your amniotic fluid reached its maximum amount which is about 2 pints.
  4. Ready for hemorrhoids? As your growing uterus puts more and more pressure on your pelvic veins you may develop hemorrhoids. They often go away after your baby is born you can also ask your Dr for some laxative pills to help you go easier
  5. Your baby now weighs about 2.6 pounds and is about 15 inches long
  6. Preeclampsia is a blood pressure disorder that can occur in pregnancy especially in first-time mothers. Symptoms include higher-than-normal blood pressure and swelling in the hands and feet. Women with this disorder can experience headaches visual disturbances and pain in the upper abdominal area
  7. If you haven’t already experienced edema you will start now but think of it this way its a great excuse for sitting down and propping up your feet and asking your partner for things you want

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